Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology

Director’s Message

The Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT) was established in 2010 to provide education and undertake research in information technology. Over more than a decade, SUIIT has emerged as a leading technical institution in Odisha.

SUIIT is providing quality technical education to students and is positioned to contribute to advancing technology solutions through research and innovation. The Institute is committed to creating an ambiance for nurturing innovation, creativity, and excellence within its students. Besides technical education, SUIIT promote interdisciplinary orientation with due opportunities for co-curricular, extra-curricular, and intellectual activities focused on nurturing the individual. SUIIT is located in the cluster of Post-Graduate Departments of Sambalpur University, offering higher degree programs in Science and Technology, Humanity, Social Sciences, and Literature. SUIIT is ideally placed to use the decades of rich academic experience and achievements of Sambalpur University to nurture young minds to take up industry challenges and contribute to the digital economy through innovative solutions.

It is a great honor to serve as the Director of Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology. I am sure and confident that with the support and commitment of qualified and experienced faculty members, staff, and supportive administration, we shall be able to achieve our vision and contribute to the development of the region and
progress of the country.

Basant K Mohanty