Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology


VICE- PRESIDENT : Mrs. Shibani Kar

ASSOC. VICE- PRESIDENT : Dr. Pranab Kumar Mishro

SECRETARY : Subhakanta sahu

ASST. SECRETARY : Sruti Sriya Sahu

The college’s cultural club emerges as a vibrant mosaic, weaving together the colorful threads of diversity that make up the fabric of its academic community. Like a captivating symphony, it orchestrates a harmonious dance of cultures, where each note represents a unique tradition, customs, and artistic expression. This kaleidoscopic canvas serves as a bridge, spanning the chasms between various backgrounds, and like a magnetic force, it draws students from all corners to gather under its inclusive canopy.



ASSOC. VICE-PRESEDENT : Mr. Sourav Kumar Purohit

SECRETARY : Pururaba Das


The Innovation and Robotics Club is a platform to engage students in innovative and creative activities while providing opportunities for hands-on training. The innovation club creates awareness, educates, nurtures, and teaches a culture of innovation amongst students, enabling them to generate new ideas and become more innovative.

VICE- PRESIDENT : Dr. Viswajeet Mukherjee


SECRETARY : Dibyajyoti Mohanty

ASST. SECRETARY : Mononit Aind

To instil a passion of the game in the developing minds, to aid in the personality development of students and to psychologically and physically prepare students for difficulties in all facets of life, the Sports Club of SUIIT is committed to provide the appropriate platform. The Sports Club is dedicated to fostering among the students a positive sports habit. It aids in the development of collaboration in the workplace, cooperation among various cultural and ethnic groups, and most importantly, it promotes discipline and a moral code in individuals. Aside from communication, collaboration, and teamwork, the most important lessons are the value of time, precision, and competition.

vice-presidentVICE- PRESIDENT : Mrs. Sushree Subhaprada Pradhan

ASSOC. VICE- PRESIDENT : Ms.Pritismita Babu

SECRETARY : Abishek Sahoo

ASST. SECRETARY : Punya Jyoti Das

The Literary Club, an intellectual haven for bibliophiles and aspiring wordsmiths, embraces the alchemy of ideas and expressions, bestowing the elixir of sagacity. Exploring timeless classics and contemporary works, we unravel human thought and cultural intricacies through spirited debates. Here, language’s resplendent power converges with creative fervor, nurturing talents to become torchbearers of literature’s legacy, composing a harmonious symphony of diverse voices that resonate with the essence of the written word.