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Research Projects and Patents

Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Sl. No. Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Status
1 Design and Implementation of wavelet and coder using approximate computation for wireless visual sensor node application. Prof. B.K. Mohanty SERB, Govt. of India ₹24.57 Lakhs Ongoing
2 Design and Development of Large Scale Time-Series Forecasting Methods using Deep learning Techniques Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi OSHEC, Govt. of Odisha ₹4.5 Lakhs Ongoing.
3 Development of effective Wireless Sensor Network system for water quality and quantity monitoring (AQUASENSE) Dr. N. R. Satapathy Media Lab Asia ₹52 Lakhs Completed
4 Molecular Modeling, Vibrational Dynamics and NBO Analyses of some Monoamine Neurotransmitters Dr. V. Mukherjee DST-SERB ₹19.99 Lakhs Completed
5 Studies on Deep Learning Models for Crude Oil Price Forecasting Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi DST-SERB ₹22.077 Lakhs Ongoing
6 Studies on Machine Learning, Statistical and Hybrid Models for Streamflow Forecasting of Mahanadi River Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi (Co-PI) Sambalpur University ₹0.5 Lakhs Ongoing
7 Big Data Platform for Temporal Storage of Clinical Data of Patients of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and Data Mining for Better Diagnosis and Treatment Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi (Co-PI) Indian Council of Medical Research ₹21.15 Lakhs Ongoing


Sl. No Patent Title Authors Type No. Publication Date
1 Internet Of Things (IoT) Enabled Sensor Calibration System Dr. N. K. Barpanda, Dr. S. K. Das, Mr. K. V.S.R. Rohit National 201631024455 12/08/2016

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