Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology

Research Projects and Patents


Sl. No. Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Status
1 Design and Implementation of wavelet and coder using approximate computation for wireless visual sensor node application. Prof. B.K. Mohanty SERB, Govt. of India ₹24.57 Lakhs Ongoing
2 Design and Development of Large Scale Time-Series Forecasting Methods using Deep Learning Techniques Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi OSHEC, Govt. of Odisha ₹4.5 Lakhs Completed.
3 Development of effective Wireless Sensor Network system for water quality and quantity monitoring (AQUASENSE) Dr. N. R. Satapathy Media Lab Asia ₹52 Lakhs Completed
4 Molecular Modeling, Vibrational Dynamics and NBO Analyses of some Monoamine Neurotransmitters Dr. V. Mukherjee DST-SERB ₹19.99 Lakhs Completed
5 Studies on Deep Learning Models for Crude Oil Price Forecasting Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi DST-SERB ₹22.077 Lakhs Ongoing
6 Studies on Machine Learning, Statistical and Hybrid Models for Streamflow Forecasting of Mahanadi River Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi (Co-PI) Sambalpur University ₹0.5 Lakhs Ongoing
7 Big Data Platform for Temporal Storage of Clinical Data of Patients of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and Data Mining for Better Diagnosis and Treatment Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi (Co-PI) Indian Council of Medical Research ₹21.15 Lakhs Ongoing


Year Patent Title Name of the Faculty Patent No. Published/Awarded
2022 Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Automatic smart health care system to monitor and predict Common eye disorder and all types of Eye diseases for all ages using image processing cloud and deep learning Algorithms Dr. Kalyan Das 202241068032 Published
2022 A novel hybridization system for time series prediction Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi 202022100907 Awarded
2021 Health Related Crisis Ready Plan through Wireless Sensor Network and the Cloud Computing at Populated Spots Dr.Sudarson  Jena 2021100341 Awarded
2020 n4riceleaf: An Android/Web Based  Application to Estimate Nitrogen Concentration in Rice Crop Dr. Prabira Kumar Sethy 2020102343 Awarded
2019 Internet of Things (IOT) Enabled Sensor Calibration system Dr. Nalini Kanta Barapanda 328714 Awarded


Tata-Power Western Odisha Limited (TPWODL) for the work “Forecasting Electricity Load Requirement of Western Odisha” by Dr. Sibarama Panigrahi. He has received appreciation from TPWODL and the Vice-Chancellor of Sambalpur University for the successful completion of this work.