SUIIT Hostels

Room allotment for Bhaskhar Hall of Residence    Hostel Allotment for Aryabhatta Hostel (Gents)    Hostel Allotment for Maitree hall of Residence (Ladies)

SUIIT has well furnished and equipped hostels for its students. There are 2 hostels for Gents and 1 hostel for Ladies.


Aryabhatta Hall of Residence (Gents)

Mr. Kalyan Das
Mr. Debshreet Das
Asst. Superintendent

Bhaskar Hall of Residence (Gents)

Mr. Prabir Sethy

Maytriee Hall of Residence (Ladies)

Ms. Sushree Subhaprada Pradhan
Dr. Vishwajeet Mukherjee
Asst. Superintendent


Hostel Fees

All boarders are required to abide by the Hostel Rules of SUIIT.

i) Hostel Admission Fee Rs. 5, 000.00 (per annum)
ii) Energy Charges Rs. 4,000 (per annum)
iii) Hostel Caution Money (Refundable) Rs. 2, 000.00 (one time)
iv) Mess Advance Rs. 2, 000.00
v) Mess dues (according to SUIIT hostel rules)
(SUIIT will have official mess in all of its hostels)
on actuals
vi) Guests/Visitors accommodation charges Rs. 50.00 (per day)