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Dr. Sudarson Jena
Asso. Prof. & HoD, CSE
Contact :- +91 9618172201
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Dr. Sudarson Jena, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science Engineering & Application serves as the Student Welfare Dean at SUIIT. SUIIT (Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology), is committed to the holistic development of the student

Responsibilities of the Student Welfare Dean:

As the Student Welfare Dean, the primary responsibilities include:

  • Academic and Emotional Support: We provide academic guidance and emotional support to students, ensuring their well-being throughout their academic journey.
  • Counseling Services: We offer counseling services to address individual and group concerns, helping students navigate academic and personal challenges effectively.
  • Mentorship Programs: We facilitate mentorship programs to help students maximize their potential and personal growth.
  • Behavioral Code: We maintain a code of conduct that promotes discipline and positive behavior among students, aligning with our educational goals.

Steps Taken by SUIIT Towards Student Welfare:

  • SUIIT is dedicated to enhance student welfare through various initiatives:
  • Counseling and Mentorship: We offer professional counseling and mentorship programs to help students excel academically and emotionally.
  • Academic Support: SUIIT provides academic resources, including libraries, study materials, and expert faculty, to ensure a conducive learning environment.
  • Student Feedback: We value student feedback and make continuous improvements based on their suggestions to enhance their learning experience.
  • Community Building: We encourage community-building activities, clubs, and events to foster a sense of belonging among our students.

At SUIIT, we believe that a supportive and nurturing environment is crucial for the success and happiness of our students. Feel free to reach out if you need assistance or have any concerns. Together, we strive for your academic and personal growth.