Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology

Disciplinary Committee

A Disciplinary Committee in an educational institute is a critical component of maintaining order, enforcing rules and regulations, and ensuring a safe and respectful learning environment. It is tasked with handling matters related to student conduct, violations of institutional policies, and disciplinary actions when necessary. The committee typically consists of faculty members, administrators, and sometimes student representatives, depending on the institute’s structure and policies.

Some key aspects of a Disciplinary Committee in an institute:

  1. Student Conduct and Code of Conduct

  2. Investigations

  3. Due Process

  4. Sanctions and Penalties

  5. Appeals

  6. Conflict Resolution

  7. Preventive Measures

  8. Consistency and Transparency

  9. Record Keeping

  10. Education and Training


  1. Dean Student Welfare, SUIIT                    :   Chairman (Ex-officio)  
  2. Dean SRIC, SUIIT                                        :   Member (Ex-officio)
  3. Head of the Department, CSE, SUIIT       :   Member (Ex-officio)
  4. Head of the Department, ECE, SUIIT       :   Member (Ex-officio)
  5. Head of the Department, EEE, SUIIT       :   Member (Ex-officio)
  6. Head of the Department, BS&H, SUIIT    :   Member (Ex-officio)
  7. All Superintendents, SUIIT hostels          :   Member (Ex-officio)