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Students Activities

Suiit is a place to develop the overall personality of the student ,so equal and even weightage and encouragement is given to various activities under the “SUIIT CLUBS”.This is because we believe that a person can only achieve when he/she is well acquainted with all the flavors of life and has an experience of all the rides that it has to offer.The smooth running of all the activities is accomplished by the sincere and ceaseless efforts by the students as well as teachers.

The regular meetings of all the clubs facilitate the spirit of extra-academic activities,fruitful discussions among the students and faculties pave the path for interchange of knowledge and ideas resulting in the fulfillment of the motives behind the clubs and beyond………..

In SUIIT we believe in exclusivity and in our endeavors to uphold our legacy we tend to do something different for others and we strongly believe in the quote

Wherever you go…….make your own Sun Shine

Programming Club:

The club’s main aim is to bring the innovative ideas of students to reality. As a stride in this direction, it has taken great efforts in sculpting their creativity and imagination by organizing lectures, labs, programming camps etc.The SUIIT Programming Club has been set up to increase the quality and curiosity of the Young-Technocrats.The path from writing a simple “Hello World” application to making a sophisticated piece of software is not only more enjoyable but also adventurous with the co-operation and technical support provided by the club’s member and mentors.

The Programming Club’s members are well versed in almost all modern and industry oriented programming languages and technologies (C,JAVA,C++,Matlab to name a few). Regular participation in Coding Competitions at various National Level Institutes and Online Competitions like Codechef and Google’s Code For Summer are a heavenly abode for the young as well as seasoned members of the club.The club has its own package of software and maintains a rich source of tech magazines to keep its members abreast of all recent tech-happenings around the world.


Electronics And Robotics Club:

The club’s main aim is to provide able guidance and knowledge in the fields of Electronics,Robotics and Embedded Systems to the budding Technocrats of the SUIIT Family.The need for an open electronics lab was felt by a few dynamic students of the institute and was realized in the summer session of 2011.It has the experience of the older batches as well as the curiosity of the new batches.In its constant endeavor to excel , it provides guidance and support to students who represent SUIIT in various techfest and events at NIT’s and IIT’s as well as to other students who do Electronics and Robotics as a hobby.

The club has its own set of Electronic Instruments from various component manufacturing giants around the world. In the recent past it has helped in realizing various prototypes like Wireless Controlled Bots and Fire Fighting Bots and Manual Bots to represent SUIIT in the National Tech Arena.Some of the students of the club are in the process of assembling and building up SUIIT’s First Home Assembled Computer.


Sports and Fitness Club:

SUIITIAN’S believe in the age old saying “A Healthy Body for A Healthy Mind.” In addition to the nutritious food supplied by the hostel canteen, the student’s additional work-out at the University Gymnasium aid in keeping them physically fit.

The Sport’s club of SUIIT has its own and complete set of Cricket,Badminton and Volleyball kits helping the budding technocrats relieve the stress and strain of life and make the most of Engineering Life. The members of this club have successfully represented SUIIT in various District Level and University Level Matches and Tournaments bringing good name to the Institute and University.

“PLAY TO WIN………….”

Indoor Gaming Club:

SUIIT’s Indoor Gaming Club provides a gaming Arcade Platform for the avid gamers of the institute,equipped with the latest and most updated FPS,Strategic,and Role-Playing PC games with advanced maps and MODS. The WiFi facility helps conduct gaming matches spanning upto 3-4 hours in and around the Hostel Premises.

Many board and card games like Chess,Chinese Checkers,Carrom,26,Teen Patti are also among the favorite choices of the students.

Regular Matches are conducted by this club fortnightly.


Socio-Management Club:

Man being a social animal owes to the society for everything he achieves so it is our basic duty to do something for the people less blessed than us,believing in this the SOCIO-MANAGEMENT CLUB of SUIIT conducts many camps and drive-offs to places where our help is required on special days like Children’s Day,Gandhi Jayanthi,Makra Sankranti.

The Socio-Management Club of SUIIT also encourages its members to participate in “BLOOD-DONATION” camps organised by various NGO’s.


Cultural Club:

The Cultural Club of SUIIT takes the responsibilty of the mangement of various social gatherings of the students and alumni of the institute.It also helps to co-ordinate Welcome functions,Farewell functions and also the grand SUIIT picnic.In its apex body it is well represented by students of all the batches and branches of SUIIT.

Some of the functions co-ordinated by the Cutural Club Of SUIIT are:

Saraswati Puja,Welcome Function-2011,2012,Farewell Party-2011,2012,Ganesh Puja,Krishan Janmashtami,SUIIT PICNIC-2012,2013,Makar Sankranti

“Live LiFe ……………King Size..!!”