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Dr. Kalyan Das

Assistant Professor SUIITComputer Science
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Biographical Info

  • Educational Qualification [Starting from Bachelor’s Degree]
    1. B.Tech (IT) – Berhampur University
    2. M.Tech (CSE)- PESIT, Bangalore
    3. Ph.D (CSE) – VSSUT, Burla
  • Achievements:
    • UGC-NET 2013
    • GATE 2007
    • Other
  • Experience:
    • Teaching: 9 yrs
    • Research: 0 yrs
    • Industry
  • Area of Specialization:
    • Wireless Sensor Network, Cloud Computing
  • Professional Membership:
  • Subjects Taught: Algorithm, Computer Network, Wireless Sensor Network, Theory of Computation, Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer Graphics
  • Guidance
    • B.Tech: 20
    • M.Tech/MCA/MSc/M.Phil: 08
    • Ph.D: Awarded(00), Submitted (00), Continuing(00)
  • Training/Workshop: 05
  • Number of Journals: 10
  • JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS [Maximum 20, Best First, APA Style]
1 Das, K., Das, S., Darji, R. K., & Mishra, A. (2018). Survey of energy-efficient techniques for the cloud-integrated sensor network. Journal of Sensors, 2018. [Hindawi, IF: 2.13, SCIE, Scopus]
2 Das, K., & Das, S. (2022). Energy-Efficient Cloud-Integrated Sensor Network Model Based on Data Forecasting Through ARIMA. International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC), 18(1), 1-17. [IGI Global, ESCI, Scopus]
3 Das, K., Das, S., & Mohapatra, A. (2020). A novel energy-efficient sensor cloud model using data prediction and forecasting techniques. Karbala International Journal of Modern Science, 6(3), 1-10. [Karbala University, Scopus]
4 Das, K., & Das, S. (2020). Data Prediction and Forecasting Techniques Based Energy Efficient Cloud-integrated Sensor Network. Science & Technology Asia, 81-92. [Thammasat University, Scopus]
5 Satpathy, P., Das, K., & Padhi, J. (2015). Improved Rejection Penalty Algorithm with Multiprocessor Rejection Technique. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 5(3), 477. [Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, Scopus]



1 Das, K., Das, S., Darji, R. K., & Mishra, A. (2017, May). Energy efficient model for the sensor cloud systems. In 2017 2nd IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information & Communication Technology (RTEICT) (pp. 373-375). IEEE.
2 Das, K., Das, S., Mishra, A., & Mohapatra, A. (2017, May). Energy efficient data prediction model for the sensor cloud environment. In 2017 international conference on IoT and application (ICIOT) (pp. 1-3). IEEE.
3 Das, K., Das, S., Darji, R. K., & Mohanta, J. P. (2021, February). Request Integration and Data Prediction Based Energy Efficient Cloud Integrated Wireless Sensor Network. In 2021 International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Computing, Communication and Sustainable Technologies (ICAECT) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.
4 Das, K., & Das, S. (2020, December). Energy-Efficient Cloud Integrated Sensor Network using inter Sensor Owners based multi-hop Routing. In 2020 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS) (pp. 1359-1361). IEEE.
5 Nanda, S. S., Das, K., Padhi, J., & Hota, S. (2016, March). Advanced move-to-front for list access problem. In 2016 International Conference on Circuit, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.
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