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Dr. Ambarish Panda

Assistant Professor SUIITElectrical & Electronics Engineering
Work Phone: +919337347538
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Biographical Info

    • Educational Qualification [Starting from Bachelor’s Degree]
      1. B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) – Sambalpur University
      2. M.Tech(Power System Engineering)- V S S University of Technology, Burla
      3. Ph.D (Electrical Engineering) – V S S University of Technology, Burla
    • Achievements :
      • Awarded as Institute Best Engineering Graduate of 2002-06 Batch
    • Experience:
      • Teaching: 4yrs in PKACE, Bargarh. 4yrs in SIT, SBP. 6yrs in SUIIT, Burla
      • Research: 11yrs
      • Industry
    • Area of Specialization :
      • Power System Operation and Scheduling
      • Optimal Power Flow Solutions
      • Application of intelligent techniques to operation of Hybrid Power System
    • Professional Membership: LMISTE, MIE
    • Subjects Taught: Power System Operation and Control
    • Renewable Energy Systems, Control System Engineering, Power System Protection
    • Electrical Machines, Network Theory, Basic Electrical Engineering
    •  Guidance
      • B.Tech: 75
      • M.Tech/MCA/MSc/M.Phil: 01
      • Ph.D: Awarded(00), Submitted (00), Continuing(02)
    • Training/Workshop: 14
    • Number of Journals: 12
    • JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS [Only SCI/Scopus, Best First, APA Style]
1 Panda, A., Mishra, U., Tseng, M. L., & Ali, M. H. (2020). Hybrid power systems with emission minimization: Multi-objective optimal operation. Journal of Cleaner Production268, 121418. [Elsevier, IF:9.297, SCI, Scopus]
2 Panda, A., Tripathy, M., Barisal, A. K., & Prakash, T. (2017). A modified bacteria foraging based optimal power flow framework for Hydro-Thermal-Wind generation system in the presence of STATCOM. Energy124, 720-740. [Elsevier, IF:7.147, SCI, Scopus]
3 Panda, A., & Tripathy, M. (2015). Security constrained optimal power flow solution of wind-thermal generation system using modified bacteria foraging algorithm. Energy93, 816-827. [Elsevier, IF:7.147, SCI, Scopus]
4 Panda, A., Mishra, U., & Aviso, K. B. (2020). Optimizing hybrid power systems with compressed air energy storage. Energy205, 117962. [Elsevier, IF:7.147, SCI, Scopus]
5 Panda, A., Aviso, K. B., Mishra, U., & Nanda, I. (2021). Impact of optimal power generation scheduling for operating cleaner hybrid power systems with energy storage. International Journal of Energy Research45(10), 14493-14517. [Wiley, IF:5.16, SCI, Scopus]
6 Panda, A., & Tripathy, M. (2016). Solution of wind integrated thermal generation system for environmental optimal power flow using hybrid algorithm. Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology3(2), 151-160. [Elsevier, Scopus]
7 Panda, A., &Tripathy, M. (2014). Optimal power flow solution of wind integrated power system using modified bacteria foraging algorithm. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 54, 306-314.[Elsevier, IF:4.63, SCI, Scopus]



1 Panda, A. (2014). Cost-effective operation of hybrid power system using intelligent techniques’ International Conference on Emerging trends in science and Technologies (pp. 468-474), MP, India.
2 Panda, A.,& Barpanda, N.K.(2017). Optimal generation scheduling of wind integrated power system using Bacteria Foraging Algorithm. International Conference on Advance studies in Engineering and sciences, ICASES (pp. 660-665), MP, India.
3 Panda, A. (2018). Analysis of reactive power support on performance of Grid integrated wind energy conversion system. 1st International Conference on Nexgen Technologies (pp. 289-294), TN, India
4 Panda, A. (2018). Multi-objective optimal power dispatch of power system incorporating wind power. 12th International Conference on Recent innovations in science and Engineering (pp. 390-396), AP, India.


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