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Guidelines for SUIIT Entrance Examination – 2020

Instruction to Candidates appearing, SUIIT Entrance-2020 

  1. The examination will be held on 20 – 21 October 2020 as mentioned in the brochure.
  2. Only eligible candidates can appear in the examination. The list of eligible candidates will be available on the SUIIT website (www.suiit.ac.in) by 19th October 2020.
  3. The link to online examinations will be sent to your registered mail by 19th October 2020. The link will be open exactly at the time mentioned in the prospectus. You can log in to your Gmail account: 
    1. On the date and time of your exam click on the link (sent to your mail). 
    2. Enter your basic details like Index id, registered e-mail id, name, phone number, etc. on page 1. Press ‘Next’ button to go to page-2 to appear the questions. 
    3. The index id will be displayed in the notice of eligible candidates (refer point 2.) 
    4. You can appear your examination on page 2 after validating the above information on page 1. If you don’t press the ‘Submit’ button after completion of answers before the end time, your answers will be deleted from the database as there is no auto-submit option. Please ensure to press the ‘Submit’ button before the end time.
    5. The total number of questions is 35 and each carries 2 marks, the total mark is 70. There is no negative marking for any wrong answers. 
    6. The total time duration of the examination is 1 hour.
    7. Type of questions may be:
      1. Multiple Choice type questions 
      2. true/false, 
      3. Match the column/Choose the corresponding answer
    8. You can appear the exam using your smartphone/laptop. Make sure you have adequate data balance in the device you are using. Also, make sure the device also has enough charge or power supply.
  4. Google Chrome is always preferred either in Laptop or phone.
  5. Before starting the examination make sure you don’t have any running background process in your device, which might interrupt your examination.
  6. Don’t attend or receive a call during the examination.
  7. In case of any issues during the exam, please do not PANIC
    1. Contact any number 9438074077 /  9937714415 / 9556789980 to tell your problem.
    2. Send a mail to examcell@suiit.ac.in

Results Publication

The following results are published. 

Result Notification for the examinations held in the month of DECEMBER – 2019                               

[1]    Corrigendum result for VII Sem of Soumya Saloni (16BTCSE29)
[2]    Corrigendum result for VII Sem, B. Tech ECE, Batch (2016-17)
[3]    III Sem, M. Sc Electronics, Batch (2018-19)
[4]    VII Sem, B. Tech EEE, Batch (2016-17)
[5]    Pre-PhD Course Work in Computer Science Engineering (PRASANT KU. DASH, 17PHDCS03)
[6]    Pre-PhD Course Work in Computer Science Engineering (Batch: 2019)

Result Notification for the examinations held in the month of MAY – 2020

[1]          VI Sem, MCA, Batch (2017-18)
[2]          IV Sem, M. Tech CSE, Batch (2018-19)
[3]          IV Sem, M. Tech CSY, Batch (2018-19)
[4]          VIII Sem, B. Tech CSE, Batch (2016-20)
[5]          VIII Sem, B. Tech ECE, Batch (2016-20)
[6]          VIII Sem, B. Tech EEE, Batch (2016-20)
[7]          IV Sem, M. Sc CS, Batch (2018-19)

You can collect the grade sheets/PCM from the examination cell on or after 19th October 2020 only after submission of the  Clearance form (passed out students except for Ph.D. candidates).

Thanks and Regards

Teacher In-charge Examination

October 2020